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Pathfines & DG

Pathway Fines have become very popular with city landscaping as well as private landscaping. There are several different colors available. We carry the Sonoma Gold or Ginger Pathfines, Blue Pathfines, and Gold DG. Made from finely-ground rock. Compacts nicely and is not dusty. The best aspect is that it doesn't turn to mud when it rains. Pick your favorite!

Due to variations in color and texture in natural products, we recommend that you see the material at our location prior to ordering.


Gold DG (Decomposed Granite)

Gray DG (Decomposed Granite)

Ginger Pathfines (or Sonoma Gold)

Blue Pathfines or 1/4"xDust

Gator Stone Bond is a unique blend of polymers designed to bind together a wide variety of small aggregates commonly referred to as decomposed granites (dg): pathway mixes, crusher runs, concrete sand, etc.

• Easy one-coat process
• Creates a strong bond on a wide variety of aggregates
• Resists surface erosion from both rain water and foot traffic