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Synthetic Turf Accessories

Easy Seam

EasySeam is a handheld electric tool that melts adhesive
using a pre-programmed heating cycle.

Easy Seam Tape

Premium extra-thick adhesive tape used with EasySeam to bond the edges of grass together. 4.5 inches wide.

Green Sand
30 Green Sand Infill with its tiny particles of sand is ideal for putting greens. The standard green sand infill #16 does an excellent job in any landscaping application. Both infills come in bags of 50lbs.


Zeo Organic Infill
ZeoFill traps and controls odors and quickly absorbs moisture. Safer than silica sand. 100% permeable (will not clog drainage holes in the turf). One time application, no need to apply twice.


Super Fill

Coated with green color, kiln dried sand for infill, available in sizes 16 and 30 which are suitable for different type of grass applications.

Kiln Dry Silica Sand

Kiln Dry Silica sand is the most economical way of infill, available in two sizes 16 and 30 which are suitable for different type of grass applications.

Golf Pin Flags
Golf pinflags are available in solid colors of white, red, and also black/white checkered designs.


Premium Flagsticks
Flagsticks are made of fiberglass and come with Aluminum Smooth, Aluminum Grooved, or Stainless steel Grooved ferrules.


Premium Aluminum Golf Cups

4-1/4" Aluminum
4-1/4" Perma-White Aluminum

Premium Aluminum Golf Cups

4-1/4" Plastic

4-1/4" Plastic w/ bronze core insert
4-1/4" Plastic w/ bronze core insert


Installation Nails

Installation nails ideal for artificial grall installation.
60D-6" Bright Common
40D-5" Bright Common


Lawn Pad

Available in different thickness: 3/4", 1-1/4" and 2-1/8", available as 4’x6′ pads.

Pet Odor Neutralizer

Professional strength pet odor neutralizer for synthetic grass is the best solution to neutralize unwanted pet smell. Environmentally friendly and safe for animals and children, you can use this neutralizer to make your artificial grass smell fresh every day. This product is great for dog runs, dog parks, vet clinics, artificial turf, potty patches and natural grass. 32fl. oz. / 945 ml


Turf Staples

Professional grade artificial turf staples. Size: 6" x 1" x 6"