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Due to variations in color and texture in natural products, we recommend that you see the material at our location prior to ordering.


Our Premium Potting Soil is a blend of compost, mendo peat, gypsum, pumus, poultry manure, and rice hullls. Commonly used for household plant and contained gardening. Excellent top dressing for raised beds.

Topsoil Blend A blend of sandy loam, organic compost and mulch. Use under new lawns or raised beds.

Screened Topsoil is rich screened natural soil rich in loam. It is excellent for building mounds or to backfill small retaining walls. This product may contain tiny pebbles.

Organic Compost is an environmentally friendly soil amendment made from yard trimmings. This compost is good for agricultural and landscape applications. This recycled product may contain a small amount of inert material.

Fill Dirt Just plain old dirt. May have some small stones.

Garden Mix

50/50 Soil Mix